Parchar Resources

On this page you will find various links to Parchar that will help you understand the traditions of the original Khalsa; how the Gurus lived and how they wished for their Singhs to live. These resources are available for you to download and share as you wish, as spreading Dharam is a Hukam of the 10th Guru and his beloved Jathedars.

All leaflets are produced by us, Budha Dal Misl Nehkalank, under the blessings and guidance of Sachkhand Nivasi Jathedar Akali Baba Surjeet Singh Ji 96Krori, and we give thanks to Prof. Kulwant Singh of the Institute of Sikh Studies (Chandigarh) for translating the Prachin Panth Parkash by Shaheed Akali Nihang Bhai Rattan Singh Bhangu, a great Shaheed of the Panth who documented a large portion of Sikh Itihihaas up until the British entering Punjab.


Budha Dal Traditions Leaflet

Prachin Panth Parkash (English, Romanized and Gurmukhi all in one)

Panth Parkash Vol 1

Panth Parkash Vol 2